Vaping 101

Why do I need a tank?

Easy enough you don't... if you don't mind wetting your carto all the time.   Our tanks allow you to fill your tank with bigger amounts of juice so you don't have to worry about it.

Simply enough our tanks are "Home Brewed Juice storage/delivery systems".

And yep.... :) They're made in America.


So how does a tank work?

Lets start with the components of a tank, the HOME of your vaping LOVE. 

You have 2 caps both identical, one for top and one for bottom.  These caps are the roof and floor to your tank as they hold the connection to the outer tube (walls) and inside piller the carto.   Held on the caps are two o-rings that are like the nails/glue as they are the holder helpers to your tank.   The outer cap o-rings (we number as #3 & #4) hold the tube to the cap.  The inner cap o-rings (we number as #1 & #2) hold the cap to the cartomizer.  

The cartomizer has holes that are either punched with a carto puncher or other ways... or slotted with a dremel to allow the juice contained in the tank to enter the carto.  The holes allow the juice contained in your tank to enter the carto making it last without constantly wetting. 

That simple... and home brewed all the :)

Why are the caps a little bigger than the tube?

We do make our caps a bit larger than the tank for a reason.  We shoot for our caps fitting tight into the tube for security and tight to the carto... we want no leakage.  Also confidience to pick our mods up by the tank.  But with that comes a challenge to get the caps out when wanting to.  The larger cap helps grab a hold of the caps without straining your fingers or chipping off a finger nail... I've done it... it hurts.

How do I maintain my tank?

There's not a whole lot to do as far as maintenance.   But it is important to know that o-rings do wear after time especially when it comes to the inside o-ring because it sees the most action.

Our Slap Yo' Mama multipurpose tool does totally aid in o-ring tearing yet o-rings do tend to swell after awhile making it harder to enter your cartomizer with or (holy cow) without a Slap Yo' Mama multipurpose adapter.

So keep a supply of o-rings, check out our How to remove and install your tank cap o-rings video and when it feels like it's getting hard to change your carto your ready to go:-)

Note: When inserting your carto with your sym (Slap yo' mama) multi-purpose tool.  It is important to have the carto with the sym 90 deg. from the cap and it'll slide right in.  You are working with metal which is not forgiving if your much off of 90 degrees.  And remember to "always support your caps".
Check our our How To Videos for more tips and information on our products.

What o-rings do I use?

Welcome to the machining world of tolerances.... where the words... exactly, precise and constant are never used... as they can't be expected to so we adjust with o-rings.  The force of the DiY'er was with us as we worked with this issue and making it work so here's our lay out:

Smaller size to larger size.

#1 & 2-- Inside o-rings-- 1 being most used. # 2 being tight and sometimes to tight.

#3 & 4-- Outside o-rings-- #3 o-ring being a looser fit. #4 is being used most often.

When it comes down to it.... it's totally a personal preference.   Most tanks as of 2012 are using #1 inside & #4 outside.

UpDate:  We have added a #5 outside o-ring to our supply for some of our Who's Your Daddy tanks.  The inside of the tube is slick combined with tolerance some tanks are working better with this larger o-ring.  If your tank is working better with #5 o-rings we will notify you with a note in your order.  Also if you've ordered o-rings with your order we'll contact you to see if you want to switch o-rings. We both have not had to change our outside o-rings yet since we've been vaping our prototype tanks... it has been over a year now.

Now when it come to removing and installing your o-rings.

How do I fill my tank?

This is so much easier to show than to read so check out our video How to fill and refill your tank.

Why sometimes is my tank slidey right after I fill or refill?

This is normal if your bit of a messy filler or not.  Anytime a bit of juice gets on your o-rings it makes them slippery.  Once your vaping the heat from the carto warms up the o-rings drying them out... and also making them tacky to the carto.  We've heard from some of our family of Big Daddy Vapors that it gets tacky while they're giving the carto a sec to saturate while filling.

When I go to fill my tank my o-rings on my tank are resisting being moved from the carto.  Is there any tips for this?

Absolutely:)  First of all what your feeling is exactly what we want.  Understand when your firing your mod it is making the o-ring tacky and gripping that cartomizer.  As your tank is pulled just a tad up from your mod to let the air inside the carto.  When you goto fill while your tank is still on your mod slam or pull it down to the mod and close that gap.  This should not be far enough for anything to leak out (some mods might be different) and it will break that seal for you.
Another way could be "not to tighten it to far" but just to turn it a tiny bit in the tightening direction for it to let go... We prefer the pulling it down method ourselves to make sure we don't mess up our mods though.

My Caps Fit tight to my tank.

Yep... that's the way it is suppose to be.  There is a technique to inserting your cartos that makes it so simple so take a look at our video How To Remove and Install Your Tank Caps video.   Yet you'll find... like we say in the video.  With using the Slap Yo' Mama multipurpose tool you don't have to hassle with taking off your caps to fill.  Eliminating so many messy problems.

What is a cartomizer?

A cartomizer is what happens when a cartridge and a atomizer unite.   It's kind of like an atomizer with filler added to it allowing the coils to remain wet as long as you either drip into the carto (cartomizer) or have a tank system with the carto.  And of course you keep juice in your tank.

What happens to my cartomizer when I vape?

First of all this is our "opinion" which falls somewhere between "common & sense".  When vaping juice that is natural, it has natural sugars that makes it delicious.  So when a coil is fired over and over again heating up the juice, we like to think of it like caramelizing onions or caramelizing the juice.  This outcome is sticky and gets all junked up in the finely wrapped coil(s) inside the carto.  Which makes since to why as the carto ages the juice starts to get dark, thick and the draw starts to get harder.  We've found as our cartos age it helps to turn the volts up on our mods.  Maybe it is heating the junked juice on the coils up enough to allow gravity to pull it down... exposing a bit of bare coil again.

How long does a cartomizer last?

This is going to differ from person to person. It has so many veritables pending... how often you vape, how thick your juice is, how hard your draw is but we see our cartos last about 4-7 days.  That for the next person will be different.  On top of that both John and I have had cartos that have lasted well over 2 weeks... crazy yeah we know.

My new carto has a burnt taste, what's up?

It is most important when filling to make sure you are getting the carto saturated enough without over filling it, or "flooding" it.  After doing the process of putting drops of juice in while rotating the carto (about 10-15 drops we find with the juice we use and our blunt needles).  Then letting it sit 1-2min. so it can settle and repeating until the carto looks well moist after setteling, we find aprox 20 to 25 drops.

At this point we have found "priming" the carto is an easy step to check to see if your ready to vape.  This can be done by simply putting your drip tip on and giving it a light drag WithOut turning your mod on.  You are looking for a slight taste of the flavor of juice your preparing your carto for.  Not a ton... and no juice in the mouth (that we've all had back in the days).
In doing this your testing that the juice has settled around the coil in the filler, why your able to taste it through the straw a bit.  And without turning your mod on that heats up the coil which if the filler around that isn't wet/saturated will burn itself, which causes the "burnt taste" that can take awhile to get rid of.

Why does my filler in my carto look dry?

Once your juice has settled after your first fill, your filler isn't suppose to look soaked to the bone.  The hole that is in your carto towards the bottom is allowing the right amount of juice to moisten the filler and the coils vape away.

What is Vapor Lock?

Well it usually has to do with engines, heat, and gas but... strangely enough in our opinion for vaping...  It's sometime after you have filled your carto and your vaping along and your getting nothing and your juice isn't going down.  If this keeps happening without notice we've noticed we will start getting a burnt taste... that will confirm your carto is not getting juice.  We find this happens once in a full moon when we fill our tanks incredibly full.  We could spend all day going into why we think it happens but we won't.  Because it really doesn't happen on a day or even week to week basis... so it's all theory.  But, there's a couple ways we've found to work with getting it flowing again.  You can prime the carto by taking a drag on your tank a couple times without turning on your device. Also we've had luck with plunging our Slap Yo' mama into the carto a couple times allowing the plunger... your SYM to get rid of the vapor lock, which has worked the best for us.  It's been a rare occasion with our tanks.

Can I use flanged cartos?

Yes you can.... The flanged part will fit against our bottom cap, but know you don't need to spend the extra money on them with our tanks.

What is the difference between Boge and Smoktech cartos?

Different strokes for Different folks pretty much.  They both come from China yet they probably use different filler.  Some people think the Smoktech taste better.... some people think the Boge taste better... and some people can't tell a difference between them and think we're all

We hear our BDV family saying they've bought one of each Smoktech and Boge.... single and dual... unpunched cartomizers and try them without the tank. Everybody is different...thankfulness there... and you'll be able to find your vaping style.


What is the difference between Low Resistance (LR) cartos and Standard Resistance (SR)?

Basically the LR cartomizers are under 2.5 ohms and the SR cartomizers are over 2.5 ohms.  The lower the number the hotter the carto.   Some companies use # some use letters to tell the difference.

What is an Atomizer?

Also known as atty in e-cig slang.  The atty is the most vital component as it serves as the heating element of the device.  It simulates the water vapor production to be inhaled by the users.  When you activate your battery device, the atomizer heats up and vaporizes the liquid solution you have supplied to it.

Our juice tasting/testing method:

In our opinion using atomizers is the best way we have found to try new juices.  Instead of filling a whole tank with a juice you haven't yet vaped.   These bad boys do the trick.  There's a difference between Yuck, good vape and can vape it all day long.   We love to use our 510 Atomizer for the first test... and if we think we might like it and it "qualifies" we'll fill our 510-T tank with the juice "pending" and vape it on the matching 510-T atomizer to see if it's worthy of a whole tank.

What are the compositions of the vapor produced?

The vapor produced is basically composed of Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), flavoring, and with or without nicotine.

Will my tank cause my Provari to have an E? Error?

Well no, it's going to be your carto... or what volts your Provari is set at. Here is a link straight to the Provari pdf manual... save the trees  for you to look over.  Each error means something different so check on which description yours in saying to you.

What is Flooding?

This is what happens when you drip to many drops into your atomizer or fill your cartomizer to fast.   With filling your new carto for the first time with your tank remember the rule... to look at your filler... drip a couple drops and turn.  You'll see your filler taking in the juice give it a bit of time to let is soak it up and put a bit more.  Thicker juices might take a bit more time to absorb.

What is an Ohm?

A ohm is the measure of electrical resistance.  A lower number indicates lower resistance and therefore faster heating.

Tip on Vaping

Dont be afraid to vape.... Hell don't be afraid period...  For instance if you buy juices to vape and the bottles come with tops/droppers that come off or if not use one of our syringes to get it in the hole.  But try with this bottle, your going to throw away and mix some juices... put it in indirect sun... put it in a dark cool place..(I've left one in the console of my car in the heat for days and after it tasted superb).  Use a syringe to keep track of ml. on mixing different juices...let them steep... juices are made of flavors...... flavors are from alll naturallll at one point...

Then try it with a 510 atomizer and just test test test....which is the way we do it.  Life is crazy... make your directions as you go.  Experiment you might find awesomeness you'll want to vape.... and just as good, awesomeness you won't want to vape.  But if there's one crazy thing about vaping it's juices are not equally vaped as they are to your pallet when eating.  Some flavors yield this rule but others DoN't.  Originally from the south U.S. here practically raised under a lichee nut tree (it's a fruit, not an animal! :) and haven't yet found a juice that even closely resembles it.  You find it..... let us know. 

If you have any questions after reading this drop us a line on our contact us page.

Vape On!

Vaping Abbreviation and Lingo Glossary


Analog- Regular Cigarette

- Do it yourself (aka Big Daddy Vapor)

Dripping - Vaping by adding a few drops of juice directly on the atomizer instead of using a cartridge. Great way to try a new juice sample, or in finding a new mix of juices.

ML - Milliliters

Mod- Home brewed device–  This is used to describe modifications to a device or accessory (such as getting more vapor production out of your cartridges) or a design variation of a commonly manufactured electronic cigarette.

Pull/Drag - The act of sucking on the mouthpiece to pull the vapor into your mouth

TH - Throat hit (The tingling sensation in the back of your throat)

Topping off - Adding an amount of e-liquid, juice to your current cartridge.

Vapor - the moist vapor emitted from an e-cigarette

Vape, Vaping - The use of an e-cigarette (similar to the term "smoking" when referring to an analog).


Atty - Atomizer

BDV- Big Daddy Vapor

Carto - Cartomizer

E-cig- Electronic Cigarette

Filler - The fiber found inside your cartridge that holds your e-liquid

PV - Personal Vaporizer... total of battery device, tank and drip tip.

PC - Personal Charger

SYM- Slap Yo' Mama multipurpose adapter

- Who's Your Daddy tank...... yummmmmmmmmmmm and the last tank you'll ever need.


E-juice, e-liquid, juice - the liquid that you fill your cartridges with.

PEG - Pro Ethylene Glycol

PG - Propylene Glycol


PGA- Pure Grain Alcohol- Basically corn whiskey... moonshine pretty much. Some people use this to thin their vg, or to provide more throat hit to their juice.

VG - Vegetable Glycerin